Tax Saver Ticket

The TaxSaver Commuter Ticket Scheme was established in 2000 as an incentive for employees to use public transport. The scheme is currently operated by Collins Coaches in conjunction with the Revenue. The scheme involves employers providing employees with bus commuter tickets while saving on employer PRSI payments. Employees participating in the scheme benefit from reduced tax, PRSI and USC payments.
Under the rules of the scheme, employees receive travel tickets as part of their salary package, in lieu of an annual cash bonus or as a benefit-in-kind. Savings arise because tickets are not subject to tax or PRSI or the USC. Employers can achieve savings of up to 10.75% and employees can save up to 52% of travel costs as a result of tax, PRSI and USC savings by participating in the TaxSaver Commuter Scheme. All employees of companies that choose to participate in the TaxSaver Scheme are eligible to take part.

Example:  An employer purchases an annual ticket for an employee worth €2,700 as part of their salary package. That portion of the employee’s salary package is not subject to tax or PRSI or the Universal Social Charge, saving the employee up to 52% on the price of the ticket. That is a saving of up to €1,404. In addition, the employer does not have to pay PRSI on that portion of the employee’s salary.

Advantages of the Scheme

To avail of the scheme, please check with your employer to confirm their participation in the scheme. After that, it’s as simple as 1. Ordering a Personalised Leap Card on 2. Filling out your details on our application form and emailing to us at Once the application has been received by us, we will issue your employer with an invoice and load your TaxSaver ticket option on to your Personalised leap card. Renewals are as simple as emailing your request for renewal to and we will renew it for you without any paperwork.

6 month and 12 month tickets are currently available.

For further information, contact Collins Coaches at (042) 9661631 or email on