Energy Management

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Collins Coaches is committed to purchasing and using energy in the most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner possible. Recognising our responsibility as a transport company, we believe that every effort should be made to conserve energy and our natural resources. The fulfilment of this policy is the joint responsibility of management, coach drivers, maintenance and cleaning staff. We will focus on achieving the objectives of this policy statement through the implementation of energy management initiatives that minimize the economic burden on the organization through the adoption of efficient and financial management strategies.


The purpose of our energy policy is to:

  • Improve energy efficiency continuously by implementing effective energy management initiatives that support all operations
  • Eliminate energy waste across our business
  • Avoid unnecessary expense
  • Optimise fuel usage by vehicle
  • Minimise the harmful effects of our operations on the environment

Long Term Objectives

  • Purchase fuels at the most economic price
  • Use energy as efficiently as practicable
  • Reduce pollution, particularly CO2 emissions caused by energy use
  • To reduce expenditure on energy by adopting a policy of regular maintenance on vehicles and on-going investments in new vehicles
  • To reduce the output of waste and to increase the proportion of water reused/recycled
  • To improve the litres/kilometers ratio on all vehicles on an annual basis
  • To continue to encourage and promote the use of public transport so as to ensure a shift away from car use
  • To improve the environmental standards across the company