Leap Card

Leap Card is the new way to pay for travel to, from and around Dublin. A Leap Card is a reusable plastic smart card that can be used instead of paper tickets to pay-as-you-go for transport. It’s flexible – you can use it to travel on a Collins Coach, Dublin Bus, Luas, DART, Commuter Rail and a number of other Privately Operated services. No more need to carry the cash fare with you – just pay the appropriate fare with the travel credit on your leap card. You can also register your leap card online, so if it’s lost or stolen, no-one else can use it. Once you register, you can also see your card history and buy Travel Credit online

Purchasing your Leap Card

You can purchase and top-up a Leap Card Online at www.leapcard.ie , at any of the 650 outlets in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford, or the new Leap Top up App on your phone.

Leap Top-Up is a free App for Android phones and iphones. It allows you to instantly Top-Up your Leap Card, check your balance and buy tickets. Once downloaded, simply hold your Leap Card to the back of your smartphone to instantly check your balance, collect a pre-paid ticket, or top-up your Leap Card – anytime, anywhere. Details of the App and how to download are available HERE»

See our fares section for details of Adult and Young Adult/Student fares 

Using your Leap Card on Collins Coaches

Leap Card can now be used on the Collins Coaches Dublin Commuter Service to purchase Adult, Student and Young Adult Single Journeys, Return Tickets and 10 Journey Tickets using the Travel Credit balance on your Leap Card and to download TaxSaver Tickets.

We do not accept Child Leap Cards on any of our services

Purchasing a single journey ticket on Collins Coaches using your Leap Card?

Purchasing a Return or 10 journey ticket on Collins Coaches using your Leap Card?

Note: You must have sufficient credit on your Leap Card before you purchase a ticket from the driver

Purchasing a TaxSaver ticket on Collins Coaches using your Leap Card?