iPhone users can now top up their Leap cards from their phones

iPhone users can now top up their Leap cards from their phones

THE NATIONAL TRANSPORT Authority has released the Leap Top-Up App for iPhone users.

Users with the iPhone 7 or newer can now download the app rom the Apple App Store and will no longer have to detour to a shop or ticket machine to load credit or ticket products bought earlier online.

While most Android users have been able to top-up using the app since 2016, it was not until October 2019 that Apple unlocked the ability for third-party apps to access the on-board NFC for iPhone 7 and newer devices, with the release of iOS 13.

Chief Executive Officer of the National Transport Authority, Anne Graham said she was happy that the rollout is happening, especially during a pandemic.

“We expect that the Apple app will be just as popular as the Android app. At the moment Android top-ups account for 30% of all TFI Leap Card top-ups.

“In light of Covid-19, the ability to top-up from anywhere at any time from the comfort of your own home will be a welcomed function for public transport users across the TFI network. Paying for your fare using the TFI Leap Card continues to be the safest way to complete your journey as restrictions are eased”.